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As all of the money we lend goes straight to the borrower, we rely on fundraising and donations from our individual supporters to continue our work. Learn more about the many ways that you can support us as an individual...

There are many ways that businesses can support Deki, from corporate partnership to staff fundraising. These provide a fantastic opportunity to improve your brand identity and boost employee morale, as well as helping our international mission.


Our entrepreneurs are hardworking people that simply do not have the means to improve their quality of life. When you lend to a Deki entrepreneur, you empower them to lift themselves and others around them out of poverty.

At Deki, we love getting local students involved in our mission. We provide opportunities for the younger generation to develop their entrepreneurial skills, as well as learning about the struggles people face in the developing world.

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Deki has changed over 53,000 lives. Without our Local Experts, this number would be 0.

A loan is only the start of an entrepreneur’s journey. The training and support they receive teaches entrepreneurs how to invest their Deki loans smartly; sowing the seeds for long-term change..

A one-time donation today will help our local experts as they support entrepreneurs throughout their Deki journey, ensuring their businesses is sustainable.