Deki believes in a world of opportunity, not poverty.

Deki provides ethical micro-loans coupled with business and social training to remote and forgotten communities. We tackle the root causes of poverty, creating long-term change and allowing entrepreneurs to flourish with dignity and pride.

Make a loan today, and change a life.

Recent funding opportunities
Lome, Togo - £150
Afi Agbodan
Sells local fish at the local market
Mawumeyo Agbedovo.jpg
Lome, Togo - £150
Mawumeyo Agbedovo
Sells yams and other vegetables at the market
Yawa Kumedzina.jpg
Lome, Togo - £300
Yawa Kumedzina
Sells vegetables from her own shop
What makes Deki different?
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Business training

We work with our Local Experts to provide business and social training to maximise your entrepreneur's chances of success.

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Small loans

We focus on small loans; where other organisations may not offer assistance. Deki is focused on the grass roots.

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Local experts

We know that the best way to bring about permanent change is to work with local experts who share our passion for change.

Start lending to entrepreneurs around the world; helping them find their purpose.