What makes Deki Unique?

At Deki we are proud to be different.

Deki is committed to ensuring that 100% of lenders’ money always goes directly to their chosen entrepreneur. Deki charges no fees for this. Instead we rely on donations from lenders and supporters to keep the charity running, and promise to make the best use of every penny we get.

What else?

Loan size – Deki focuses on small loans, where other international charities and microfinance organisations may not offer assistance.  Our maximum loan amount is currently £500, but loans can be as small as £30.  We are especially focused on supporting those who don’t have access to bank loans. Our target entrepreneurs are start-up businesses and small expansion loans. Deki is focused on grass roots.

Social and economic training - This is a cornerstone of Deki’s commitment to our entrepreneurs. A very high percentage, especially women taking loans will have had no opportunity to go to school and may not be able to read and write. Deki strives through Field Partner organisations, to provide the highest quality social and business training so as we can maximise their chances of success. For most Field Partners, mandatory attendance of training is part of their good practices charter and includes business, economic, social, welfare and even health guidance.

Approach to partnership – We know that the best way to bring about permanent change is to work with local experts. That’s why we partner with local organisations in the field who share our passion for change. Our Field Partners are either small charities or socially motivated organisations who use their knowledge to administer ethical loans and secure high quality social and economic training for our entrepreneurs.

Portfolio exposure – For small Field Partners, Deki starts off funding a very large percentage of their total loan portfolio.  We then work with them over time, to help them diversify their income streams.  As the Field Partner grows and develops other sources of income, the percentage of their loan portfolio funded by Deki reduces.  This helps both the Field Partner and Deki by allowing us to both reduce our risk and dependence on one another, while also growing to meet the demand of entrepreneurs.  The end goal for Deki is to withdraw our loan capital completely (usually within a 10 year period) and leave an efficient and sustainable organisation to continue operating well into the future.

Currency exposure – Unlike some other charities, who lend and receive repayments from partners in USD, Deki lends and receives repayments from our Field Partners in their local currency.  Currency fluctuation is a risk Deki lenders accept which means Field Partners and entrepreneurs are exposed to significantly less risk.  This is crucial for a small fledgling organisation or businesses to succeed. We make the process of starting and growing a business as easy and simple as possible for the entrepreneurs.

With Deki you can make small, ethical, life-changing loans to those in remote and forgotten communities. 100% of your loan will go to your chosen entrepreneur. Lend now for as little as £10.

Our Ethical Principles

Deki has signed up for Smart Campaign client protection principles, which are set to deliver transparent financial services to all clients.

Deki and our field partners follow these principles:

  • Prevention of over-indebtedness
  • Transparency
  • Responsible pricing
  • Fair and respectful treatment of clients
  • Privacy of client data
  • Mechanisms for complaint resolution 

Read Deki SMART Campaign statement here.

As of 2012 we have worked using the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI). It’s a tool that enables us to tangibly measure poverty and its alleviation over time. Read more about PPI.