The Deki Tenner Tournament For Businesses...

Team Building with Real Impact

Are you looking for a way to engage your staff, whilst helping them develop and focus their entrepreneurial and project management skills? Are you looking for a way to positively influence your workplace into supporting a cause? Are you looking for a way to develop communication between colleagues and instigate discussion between all levels of staff? Have you looked at other staff training, or team bonding days and wondered what was the point of zombie training, paint balling or another session of wine tasting? We have a solution and it’s for a good cause.

Watch this 2 minute 30 second film to understand better how it works

What is it?

The concept is simple - over a half day session Deki staff will train your employees to utilise their available team resources and skills to develop a one page business plan. At the end of the session teams will be given a £10 loan and told they have one month to launch their business enterprise. The team that generates the largest profit wins

Deki’s Tenner Tournament training will not just impact your business, but will also make a real difference in some of the world’s poorest countries. 

At the end of the month there will be a final awards ceremony held with special recognition for categories relevant to your business, as well as an award for the overall winning team. If your business beats the current record held by Nurseline you will also be awarded the 'Deki Tenner Tournament Business Cup' which you will hold at your offices until that record is broken. Staff will also be able to choose which entrepreneurs 100% of the money raised is lent to.

Why choose Deki Tenner Tournament Training? 

Nurseline, a mental health and community staffing company, took part in Deki's Tenner Tournament Training. They split into three teams to develop their businesses and raised a total of £4234 for Deki.

“Through the Deki Tenner Tournament, it has been a personal pleasure to watch the Nurseline Team work together to set up their own micro-businesses and develop skills for the future. My team have discovered new skills and made new connections – I’ve already seen the positive impact on Nurseline’s working environment. We’re now looking forward to lending the money we raised together to Deki entrepreneurs, as part of our company-wide corporate social responsibility drive.” Trevor Mapondera, Founder and CEO of Nurseline

Deki Tenner Tournament skill development:

  • Entrepreneurship - Your employees will gain the key principles of business as they enter a marketplace scenario, where effective business innovation will make all the difference.
  • Problem-solving & invention - Not only will your staff conceive and develop their business idea, they will also need to employ creativity to turn it into a profitable enterprise. 
  • Team building – The tournament strengthens relationships between colleagues in a fun and competitive atmosphere.
  • Leadership and management – Recognising individual talents and carefully planning a tight budget will play a crucial role in widening your employees’ skillset.  

Develop your employees' business skills as well as disadvantaged communities.

Deki is the UK’s first person-to-person microfinance charity. Through our crowd-funding website anybody can support businesses in the developing world to achieve sustainable livelihoods.  We empower entrepreneurs in Malawi, South Sudan, Ghana, Uganda and South Africa, and we can empower your staff too with tailored training. 

A scalable fee, depending on the number of employees is charged by Deki for running the Tenner Tournament - please get in touch to find out more.

For more information please download our Tenner Tournament for Businesses PDF by clicking this link. 

Contact: Bryony Spooner

Marketing and Communications Director

0117 942 8970