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100% of your loans go to your chosen entrepreneurs – this is our promise. This means that we rely on donations to keep Deki running. We are a small office that runs on a shoe-string budget, we need your support to ensure we can continue to deliver your loans.


How many gifts are truly life changing? With a Deki gift voucher you can give friends and family the opportunity to directly transform the life of someone in Africa. They even get to pick who...


Your legacy to Deki will support entrepreneurs to continue to work their way out of poverty and build a better future for generations to come.  


Because 100% of your loan goes directly to your chosen entrepreneur, we rely on your donations and the support of enterprising fundraisers to help us deliver loans. We're looking for keen fundraisers; whether you want to run, jump, bake, sell, row, sew or sing - we need your help to change lives.


You can now show your support for Deki when you use Savoo Search, Save and Raise as your online shopping platform. Your efforts cost you nothing because Savoo donates on your behalf. Find out more here...

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Deki has changed over 53,000 lives. Without our Local Experts, this number would be 0.

A loan is only the start of an entrepreneur’s journey. The training and support they receive, teaches entrepreneurs how to invest their Deki loans smartly; sowing the seeds for long-term change. Find out more.