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Say goodbye to untouched repayments, and hello to maximising your impact. Become a Deki Friend by signing up to make monthly donations, and we promise to take the hassle out of lending and re-lending by choosing for you.You'll be helping the same people, but in a different way


For those that like to manage their own loans: Enjoy the feel good factor of making your loans work even harder. If you can commit to keeping your money in your Deki account, and never withdrawing it, it becomes eligible for Gift Aid. This means we receive 25p from the tax man for each £1 you have invested. All you need to do is become a Happy Lender...


How many gifts are truly life changing? With a Deki gift voucher you can give friends and family the opportunity to directly transform the life of someone in Africa. They even get to pick who...

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Deki has changed over 53,000 lives. Without our Local Experts, this number would be 0.

A loan is only the start of an entrepreneur’s journey. The training and support they receive, teaches entrepreneurs how to invest their Deki loans smartly; sowing the seeds for long-term change. Find out more.