Mother of Four Turns a Small Shop into Successful Business

Mother of Four Turns a Small Shop into Successful Business

Wezzie Nkhata, sharing her surname with her place of origin, was born in 1981 in Chikwina, located in Nkhata Bay North, Malawi. She has four children and her husband works as a farmer. Before Wezzie set up her own business, she was struggling to provide food and clothing for her little ones. Although her husband’s farm produces various crops including maize and different vegetables, it was still difficult to make ends meet.

Wezzie decided to apply for a loan to expand her grocery shop business. With the loan of MK100,000 (appr. £180) she could start growing her business, increasing both her turnover and the variety of goods on offer, including household goods such as soap and toothpaste, as well as food items. Now she can save her profits and invest them into the business without having to rely on a loan.

The loan has changed her life completely because she is now able to support her family. As a recipient of an interest-free loan, she acknowledges the tremendous importance it has had for helping her and other members of the community that have received similar funding.

Wezzie says: “I will continue to work hard so that my business grows bigger and will be able to serve many people in the community. My children will be well-educated, since I will be able to pay fees without problems. Deki should continue to support many people in our community.”

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