Restaurant Loan Helps Family Thrive and Puts a Smile on Lucy's Face!

Restaurant Loan Helps Family Thrive and Puts a Smile on Lucy's Face!

Lucy Kuwali runs a small restaurant in the Malawian village of Mdovi. In 2009 her husband of ten years, a fisherman, died on lake Malawi. Lucy was left with sole responsibility for her three children Thoko, Sophie and Emmanuel and two orphans Esuart and Junior she also cares for.

Lucy used to have a hard time feeding her family, rationing out food between her children and struggling to pay their school fees. Then, in 2011, she saw an opportunity to improve her family’s situation. After a discussion with a microloan officer from Deki’s partner Temwa, Lucy applied for Deki’s interest-free loan. Her aim was to improve her restaurant, buy new pots, plates and pans, and improve the quality of the food on her menu.

“I had little capital and wanted to add to that and build on it. Since I was born I had never heard of interest-free loans. This is why I applied so that my problems would be at least halfway sorted.”

Lucy’s loan was quickly approved, and with the money she received her business has seen some vast improvements.

“Now the restaurant is getting bigger and busier, the quality of food is much better also! Before I got the loan, I was able to make a profit of K3,000 (£12) each month, but now I am able to make a profit of K20,000 (£77).”

With the profits that she is earning, Lucy’s family no longer struggles to find the money to buy food. She is easily able to pay her children’s school fees, including those of her eldest daughter who attends secondary school.

“I’m happy I can support my family. Because of the profits you can see it’s making me smile. I’m always happy like this and always smiling now!”

With her business doing so well, Lucy is planning to open a new restaurant in a nearby village. She also intends to expand her interests into other ventures that will help her make a profit.

“These plans could never have come about without the loan because of my poor capital. This is changing and I can now make new plans with my life. I am very thankful to Deki and Temwa for this loan, they should not get tired of this project and keep helping business expand in Usisya.”

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