Father of Four Grows Grocery Shop Business

Father of Four Grows Grocery Shop Business

Cezie Mkolongo comes from the Malawian village of Chipuwali in Mbwana, Nkhata Bay. He is a 32 year old husband and father to four children. As a young man, Cezie was unable to continue his education further than secondary school and later became a fisherman. This meant an unpredictable income for Cezie and his family, and after numerous problems and hardships, he decided to start his own business.

Looking for an opportunity to provide greater stability for his family, Cezie registered to receive a microloan of MWK 70,000 (£120) with Deki through the help of our field partner Temwa.

Deki provided Cezie with business management training, which meant that he was able to make the most of his loan. Cezie successfully expanded his shop and now has many goods for sale – including sugar, soap and soft drinks. Alongside his grocery shop, he breeds pigs for sale, which provides an additional income source and opportunity to invest more in the shop.

Cezie and his family have experienced a great improvement in their quality of life. Their now stable income means that they no longer find themselves short of food for any period of time. His loan has also enabled Cezie to financially support his elderly parents.

Cezie’s confidence and ambition is evident in his future goals; he plans to build a bigger shop and to provide a wider variety of goods.

Since his new-found success, Cezie is determined that others should experience the same:

The loan should continue in our area so that many people should also benefit and change their livelihood.”

He’s now able to provide a promising start in life for his children and he plans to support them through their education. Cezie looks forward to them attending university. an opportunity that had been unavailable to Cezie himself.

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