Father Builds Two Successful Businesses Using Deki Loans

Deki Microfinance

Bruno Nyrenda lives with his wife and two children. Before Bruno received his loan in December 2011 he was selling a few vegetables from the side of a road in Usisya, on the edge of Lake Malawi. The business was not very profitable as Bruno did not have the capital to buy vegetables in bulk or buy a good variety. He worried that he couldn’t provide for his family and that like himself, his two children would not receive a full education due to his inability to pay their school fees.

When Bruno received his loan of 40,000 Kwacha (£200), he built a shop on one of the main roads in Usisya. He also bought a wide range of goods to sell in the shop including toiletries, shoes and drinks.

Barber Shop to Diversify Business

Now the shop is very popular due to its location and the range of products it sells. Bruno has invested the new profits on diversifying his business. He has recently opened a barber shop next door to his shop. Whilst his wife runs the shop, Bruno is taking care of the clients’ hair. With the profits from both businesses he has recently improved the shop’s roof from grass to tin which will prevent his stock from deteriorating during the rainy season.

Although Bruno has faced a few challenges he has managed to overcome them. In the rainy season (December to March) Bruno found that due to people’s lack of income at this time his business was suffering. However, he has created a scheme which allows people to buy goods on credit. The fact that Usisya is a close-knit community makes this scheme a success.

Deki Microfinance

Bruno is an ambitious man and at the start of next year hopes to establish a restaurant in Usisya. He has already started moulding the bricks for the restaurant building.

Bruno says: “I would like to thank Deki and its supporters for the loan scheme. The loan has allowed me to set up and run a successful business with a range of goods and services. With the profit my family now has enough food all year round. I can also afford to give my children a brighter future by being able to finance their education. I hope that Deki can keep supporting the people of Usisya to allow other families in Malawi to have a chance at improving their standard of living in the way that I have”.

Deki partners with Temwa in Malawi.

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