Farmer From Ghana Triples Produce And Changes His Family's Life

Meet Aladago

Aladago Braimah (62) lives with his wife in Garu in Ghana. Together they have seven children aged between seven and twenty-one.  Aladago and his wife are both onion farmers working hard to make the most out of their land throughout the temperamental dry seasons in Ghana.

Before receiving a Deki loan, Aladago and his wife struggled to make a profit because the land was small and did not produce a great yield. They were unable to support their seven children with adequate meals and the youngest were not yet able to go to school. Aladago knew that by investing in his land he would be able to produce more vegetables and use the profit to invest in his family.

Aladago applied for a Deki loan of Five Hundred Ghana Cedis (GHS500) which is around £110, this would be used to invest in more land, as well as buying fertilizer, seeds and even hiring members of his local community to help with the harvest.

Aladago told our field partner BESSFA, “Initially, I had small farm size due to inadequate capital to expand the farm size. Deki loan has helped me increase the size of the land due to the fact that I had adequate capital to manage the farm.”

Once Aladago had his Deki loan he immediately got to work, with the help of agricultural training from our partners iDE the size of Aladago’s onion crop tripled. He went from producing three bags of onions to over eight bags of vegetables.  

“The increase in farm size made me introduced new crops such tomatoes, pepper and cabbage into my farm hence an increase in income of the farm. The yield got tripled as compared to the last eight years of onion cultivation.”

Because of this Aladago is now making more profit and he is able to care for his family and all of his children are now in school. 

When we asked Aladago how his life had changed he told us this:

Deki Success Story
"Honestly, I developed much joy and the passion to work hard as compared to the previous years since I had all I needed for the cultivation of onions in my farm. Hence farming activities were moving very smoothly.
The loan has brought love and happiness into my family because I can now pay the school fees of my children; provide the family with a balance diet each day, and so on. Frankly speaking I now have a happy family. All thanks go to Deki!!
In conclusion, I pray for the officials of Deki, the lenders and all those that contributed in one way or the other to get me loan to change my life and that of my family.  I will be happy to see Deki grow and continue to support make life BETTER for people. "


And finally Aladago asked us to tell all of our lenders:  "DEKI ALL THE WAY!!"