Loan Helps Disabled Mother Support her Family


Nasaah Benecita, 54, lives in Karni, a village in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

She is a single mother with three young children and provides for her family by farming the land.

Nasaah had previously struggled with her farming business due to unfortunate unavoidable circumstances. There were high incidences of pests and diseases in her crops, and her crops were often destroyed by stray animals. 

This meant Nasaah's farm was producing low yields and she was failing each month to generate an income that was sufficient to provide for all her family's needs. She was unable to afford to feed her children three meals a day. Life was tough for Nasaah, who also faces daily challenges due to her disability. 

During the 2012/2013 production season, Nasaah was introduced to iDE and St. Joseph’s Cooperative Credit Union, two partners that Deki works closely with in Ghana. She applied for a loan to purchase a chain link fence, which would protect her farm from destruction from animals such as sheep and cattle. This meant Nasaah no longer had to wake up worrying about the state of her crops. This, combined with agricultural training through iDE to increase her knowledge on the prevention of pests and diseases, improved her farming business dramatically. 

As her farm was now free from pests and diseases, Nasaah could look forward into expanding the land and introducing new crops and vegetables. A second Deki loan of GS700, around US$170, was invested in buying tomatoes, peppers and onion seeds to grow, as well as fertilizer. This increased both the quality and quantity of her yields.

The boost in productivity meant that  Nasaah was quickly able to afford to pay back her loan. With the extra income generated she could now pay for all her children’s school fees for the whole year, which is considerable money for a single mother in Ghana. 

Nasaah has additionally bought a mobile phone with her income which enables her to communicate regularly with the iDE officer for her area, giving her easy access to their technical assistance. This means Nasaah will no longer face the same difficulties that caused many of the original problems with on her land, due to their advice and expertise. Loans through Deki have completely changed her life as she can now support her children's futures, see them educated up to University and provides them with three regular meals every day. 

Nasaah has improved her whole family's life whilst living with very difficult circumstances. She said “my current success amply proof that disability is not inability. It is my aspiration that I see all my children through school up to the highest level.  I want to say a big thank you Deki for the support”.