Father of Six Improves His Farming Business Thanks to Deki Loan

72 year old Awunsu Iddrisu lives in Gelakologo in the Garu district, in the Upper East of Ghana with his wife and six children. He is the sole provider for his family and prior to receiving a Deki loan, Awunsu ran a small scale farming business. He grew maize, millet and sorghum in the rainy season, mainly for his own household consumption, whilst he would grow onions and okra during the dry season. These crops were then sold on to provide some family income, but this was not sufficient for his whole family.

Awunsu struggled to make a profit as their land was small and productivity was low. Despite working hard on the farm he was unable to expand the business as he was prevented access to the finances necessary to support his vegetable farming business. He hoped to increase the land to half an acre but the banks were unwilling to grant Awunsu the credit that would enable him to increase the rate of production. 

A Deki loan gave Awunsu the opportunity to dramatically improve his business. He was offered agricultural training by Deki's partners iDE, including training in education, farm business and entrepreneurship skillsand was granted a loan of GHS500, which is around £110. With the loan he brought useful materials to improve his farm, such as fertilizer and good quality seeds to grow his onion crop.

After investing his loan Awunsu was able to increase his crop yield to eleven bags of onions, which he went on to sell for GHS125 per bag, ensuring he was then able to pay off his loan. With the increased profit Awunsu now received he bought two sheep to rear, allowing him to generate even more income for the family. 

Awunsu is now able to provide more for his family and has fully paid for one of his children’s senior high school fees. He has gone on to apply for a second Deki loan which he will again invest into his successful farming business.

Awunsu said he is thanking God for Deki for promoting the lives of rural farmers.