Loan Helps Single Mother Support her Children Through Secondary School

Modester Banda is widow living in Kapilimtende in Malawi and is the sole provider for her four children aged 3, 5, 11 and 16. She grows vegetables such as potatoes, rape seed and cabbage to earn a living.

Prior to getting a Deki loan Modester owned a small farm, comprising of just one cow, and made a living selling milk in her community. The income from this alone was not able provide her family with enough income and her children were sent home from school as she was unable to pay the school fees. Modester was struggling to support her family and worried about the future of her children.

In 2014, Modester applied for a loan to buy her second cow, which has now been completely repaid. By increasing the production of milk, Modester was able to produce a greater profit for the family. She has since reinvested her profits in fertilizer, vegetable seeds, a watering can and a hoe to begin a new business venture; farming vegetables. She even had enough money to employ two members of staff to help cultivate her land, helping to increase the farm's yield and her income. 


Modester’s children are now back in school and they never go hungry thanks to Deki’s loan. Modester believes that dedication was the key to her business’ success:

“The Deki loan is profitable if well managed but the person has to observe repayments and reinvest.”

“As a widow with all the responsibilities I have, it is through these loans that I am able to support my family and child through secondary school. My income level and profits have improved and my business is growing. For that I would like to thank Deki.”

“I am looking forward to getting another loan and ask that Deki should continue to provide loans for the community.”