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The Tenner Tournament encourages students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and learn about international studies.

The Deki Schools Tenner Tournament programme has proved extremely popular, many secondary schools use the programme to help them gain the International School Award.

By sponsoring a school, businesses will support students as they develop their financial literacy and learn about international studies. Students will learn about the work Deki does, who receives Deki loans, and how they make a difference. This provides a greater awareness of problems faced in the developing world and is a fantastic way to engage local students, as well as supporting our international programme.

The scheme further empowers the students involved by giving them control over their own investment. Money raised by the Tenner Tournament is lent to Deki entrepreneurs and schools continue to lend and re-lend after it is finished. There will also be a prize for the team who raises the most.

The Tenner Tournament provides some great opportunities for a corporate sponsor – who wants to support local communities as well as helping our international effort – to get involved. These include:

  • Attend the first workshop on how to set up a business
  • Have your logo on the letter home to parents
  • Have your logo on a Deki Tenner Tournament poster
  • Be the named sponsor on the first prize gift

We deliver three sessions for students, providing learning materials that support the workshops and the letter that gets sent home to parents. The cost of sponsoring the tenner tournament, with dual-branded materials, will be £1,500 per school.

Ready to discuss partnering with Deki?

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Fundraising Manager
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