Speaking Opportunities

Deki love attending events, and we love speaking opportunities where you're able to get to know us or find out more about what we do and why we love doing it.

"We would like your Founder to speak at our event."

Our Founder and CEO, Vashti Seth, loves speaking opportunities because she can comfortably talk about a wide variety of topics; ranging from microfinance, women in business, setting up a charity and technology and charity working together to name a few. 

Vashti set up Deki in 2008 after being inspired by the hardships of Deki Dolkha, a Tibetan refugee her father had sponsored. Pioneering person-to-person microloans in the UK, Vashti won an award for the Best Social Enterprise by the University of the West of England, is Social Enterprise Ambassador for the region and was shortlisted for Woman of the Year by Red Magazine. In 2014, Vashti was awarded an honorary MBA by Bristol University West England for her leadership skills and commitment to entrepreneurship and in 2015 Vashti was honoured by the South West Institute of Directors and awarded the Third Sector Director of the Year award. Vashti’s role as social enterprise ambassador for Bristol has given her the opportunity to be a regular speaker at business events around the UK and seen her become a passionate voice of women entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as a spokesperson for the benefits of microfinance in developing nations. Vashti's story has been featured in the Daily Mail, Red Magazine, Grazia and Marie Claire. 

If you think that Vashti would be great at your event please email us details of who you are, what the event is, who the audience are and the main topic that you would like to cover, as well as details of date, times and location to bryony@deki.org.uk

"Would Deki Suit Our Event?"

We've been lucky enough to attend a wide variety of events, from business breakfasts and festivals to launches and conferences. We're able to tailor our presentation to suit your audience, so if you want to hear more about microfinance, international aid, global poverty or women in business get in touch.

Please consider the following before enquiring about a speaking opportunity:

Limitations: Deki has a small staff team (to keep running costs efficient) so please be aware that although we will try to accommodate all speaking requests, we can't always attend every event. 

Vashti Seth, CEO and Founder: Because there is high demand for Vashti to attend speaking events she may not always be available. So please give ample notice and be aware that another member of Deki staff may be available to attend your event. 

Advance Notice: To increase your chances of Vashti or another member of Deki attending your event, please give us suitable notice. 

Flexibility: Keeping an open mind on dates and times provides us more opportunities to meet your request.

Expenses: Deki are based in Bristol charity so please bear in mind the cost and time it will take to get to certain events and we will need to request you to cover this.

Ready to discuss a speaking opportunity?

Contact: Bryony Spooner

Marketing and Communications Director

0117 942 8970 / 07971 861 707