Planned Giving

Deki is incredibly grateful for the support we receive from our donors every day. Sometimes donors would like to support us more than they are financially able to in their lifetime.  This is where a planned gift can be beneficial to both Deki and our donors.  

After you've made provisions to look after friends and family, you can choose to allocate a percentage of the residue of your estate as your gift to Deki. Gifts made this way have the added benefit of being 'inflation-proof', so you won't need to reconsider the size of your gift in the future. Even a small percentage of the residue of your estate will make a considerable difference to Deki.

Deki is a charity and is therefore exempt from inheritance tax on legacies. Should you decide to make a legacy to Deki in your Will, you may be able to reduce the inheritance tax liability of your estate. We recommend you seek professional advice to find out more about minimising the tax burden on your estate.

Whilst we love talking about fundraising with our supporters, we are not permitted to offer any legal or financial advice on making a Will.  Instead, we strongly advise you to consult your solicitor before drafting a new Will or updating an existing one.  

If you do not yet have a solicitor, you can find information on how to choose one on the Law Society website

In order for the executors of your Will to know who to contact, it would be helpful to include the following details: 

FAO: Fundraising Dept
Studio B
45-47 Stokes Croft
Bristol BS1 3QP
Registered Charity 1137047

Or for more details:

Rowan Dade
Fundraising Manager
0117 942 8970

Your legacy to Deki will support entrepreneurs to work their way out of poverty and build a better future for their families.  What an amazing legacy to leave – Thank You! 

Deki Fundraising