In March 2016 doors who supported our #OneThousandLives crowdfunder campaign helped us raise an incredible £9,086! 

At Deki we can proudly say that we're not like other international development charities, when you make a loan through Deki we don't touch a penny. Not one bit of it goes towards us. Our running costs are supported by your generosity and the support of forward thinking trusts and businesses. We rely on innovative ways to fundraise like this crowdfunding campaign to support the great work that we do.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed, including those who chose to remain anonymous and whose names therefore aren't featured below. 

Champion Donors

Judith Sluggett

Campaign Donors

Steve Cross
Helen Boardman
Julie Cooke
Zarah Harrison
Amanda Smith
Anne Greenwood
Kim Jones
Sue Edwards
Seb Giroux
Clair Banning
Richard & Mary Watts
Julian Lewis
Laura Marshall
Gerald Matthewman
Nicky Lewis
Mark D
Mary Ratcliffe
James Longhurst
Sean Sankey
Martin Allen
Paul Abbott
Rob Bradley
Cherry Scott
Richard Ravelin
Tricia White
Amar Mistry
Rik Gibson
Frances B
John Gumbleton
Frances Butt
Neil Mather
Philomena Bergin
Georgie Agass
Joss Holmes
Christine Carter
Dave Hase
Marion McCartney
Louise Barnard
Lynn Devine
Adam Dickens
Steven Briddon
Berry Rowan Recruitment Solutions
Jennie Spears
Rasmus Gammelby Kristensen
Antonia hook
Danielle Styles
Ann Mitromaras
Liz H
Matthew J Robinson
Paul Burton
Shelley Parker
Olivia Tripp
Yasmin Hood
Phil Omar
Rebecca Roulston