Vashti Seth
Founder and Ambassador

Founder, micro-lending and social enterprise ambassador, mother of two. Passionate about putting positive impact at the heart of business.

James Potten
Chairman (Digital Innovation)

Futurist, entrepreneur & keen kitesurfer, passionate about progress for all. Believer in lifelong learning to prepare us for the exponential future.

Max Nino-Zarazua
Trustee (International Development)

Mexican expat, creative thinker, passionate about micro-finance and social development, former rower and cycling lover.

Ollie Pollard
Trustee (Risk and Safeguarding)
Impact Investing professional. Passionate about financial-inclusion, and economic empowerment. Mostly to be found in camper with wife and dog. 

Anand Pajpani
Trustee (Marketing and PR)

London-based, commercial and creative, business transformation specialist. Passionate about digital and doing good for good's sake, all with a bit of entrepreneurial flair.