The amazing people behind Deki

Melanie Knight
Chief Executive

Problem solver, loves Photography, architecture and design. Spurs supporter with an Arsenal supporting son

Bryony Spooner
Marketing and Communications Director

Travel lover, Marketing, communications and PR wiz. On a mission to make good things happen.

Rowan Dade
International Programmes & Fundraising Manager

Favourite expressions “ will this create impact”, and “I’ll have a cheese and coleslaw sandwich please”

Kat Gulyas
Digital Marketing Manager

Hungarian expat, straight talker, trail walker

Nicola Hategekimana
HR & Finance Officer

One foot in Bristol and the other in Rwanda. Juggler of life: mother of two

Louis MacGregor
Data and Impact Analyst

Fantasy geek, avid foodie, lover of all things travelling

Anna Hulbert
Support Officer

Happy camper, documentary watcher, aspiring runner

Liz Stagg
Deki Evangelist and Fellow

Expat Northerner & Francophone, adventurous traveller to wild places

Kitty Reeves-Short
Marketing Intern

Bristol born and bred, loves all things creative, pasta and pesto specialist