As of 6th June 2019, Deki operates on a sponsorship based model where Sponsors donate to their chosen community group. The donation is converted into micro loans and distributed to members of the community group by Deki’s Field Partner. Sponsorship funds are relent over 5-6 loan cycles until group members have become self-sufficient or have established a credit rating, so that they are able to go to a traditional bank.

100% of sponsorship funds supports the communities to enable them to develop a sustainable livelihood for their families and help their community become financially resilient. 80% of your gift will fund loans while the rest will allow us to support Deki’s Field Partners who provide group members with business and community development training and monitoring and evaluation to ensure that your sponsorship makes the biggest impact on the community.

We focus on small community groups in remote, hard to reach regions. Sponsorship makes a huge difference in developing sustainable livelihoods and allow people and communities to flourish with dignity and pride.

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