Make an impact on the world. Change a life with a loan.

Millions of families struggle to afford regular meals, basic healthcare and education for their children; unable to find employment or save for the future these families are stuck in a cycle of poverty and unable to escape.

Access to capital means improved health, education and a better quality of life.

Join our mission to end poverty. Together, we can make a difference.

Watch the video below and see how a small loan can provide opportunities, transform lives and help these families work their way out of poverty.

Deki Loan Cycle
  1. Register for a Deki account or Sign in if you have an account
  2. Click Lend and choose your entrepreneur from the list
  3. Select the amount you wish to lend
  4. Click 'Lend Now', which will take you to your basket
  5. Check out
  6. Deki will keep you updated after you've made your loan
  7. Sign in to 'My Account' at any time to see how much has been repaid. Here you can re-lend the funds, donate the repaid amount to Deki or withdraw the money.