How Deki will use your donation

We always send 100% of our lenders’ money straight to their chosen entrepreneurs – this is our promise. We don’t charge interest or fees on-top of your loans, but this means that we rely on generous donations from our supporters to continue connecting our lenders with their entrepreneurs.

We work hard to guarantee that every pound we raise is put to good use, and is used effectively and cost-efficiently.

Here are some of the costs of delivering your loans:

  • Rates of exchange for converting our entrepreneurs’ currency into GBP so that they receive their loan in their local currency, and our lenders receive their repayments in GBP.
  • Field partner visits to perform due diligence and monitoring work to ensure that we are making a continued impact.
  • Management of field partners to ensure that there is a flow of entrepreneurs on the Deki website and to also ensure that the entrepreneurs applying for loans are appropriate.
  • Signing up new field partners to expand into other marginalised communities around the world.
  • The promotion and marketing of Deki to attract new lenders and to increase our impact and the lives we’ve changed.
  • Maintaining the Deki website and the system that allows us to facilitate the lending of funds to your chosen entrepreneurs and the repayment of those funds.
  • Staff costs – Deki exists because of the dedication of many volunteers but also a number of full time staff.