Adam Dickens, our photographer on the ground, interviews Hamelda to find out how applying for a Deki loan has changed her life.

Hamelda Nasaba, is a widower and single parent to a fairly large family in Naboole, Uganda. She is also one determined business woman who, with a little help from Deki, has taken a small cooking stove business from humble beginnings to the growing success story it is today. And there is no sign of her wanting to slow down yet.


What difference has your loan made to your business?

First I invested my loan into materials like raw clay, which allowed me to increase the production of my cooking stoves. I then bought much needed equipment, which helped speed up the production process. My business is now producing more and faster and I’m doing so well that I have opened my own stall in Jinja, Uganda.


What was your life like before the loan?


Life is tough now but it was much more difficult before. I struggled to buy new supplies and materials. When money is low, life is bad. Now that I have increased my production, it has made everything much easier.

Naboole, Kampala, Uganda

Naboole, Kampala, Uganda

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What changes have you seen in your life?


I no longer have to borrow money from other people and am able to live on the money I make from my stall. Now that I have up-scaled my business, I am able to saving money each month.


What makes me the proudest, is the impact my business success is having on my family. Because of my business growth, I now send my grandchildren to school and they eat well – which gives me great joy.


Do you have any plans for the future?


I plan to buy my own vehicle for transporting products to market and I would like to apply for another loan to grow the business further.


Would you recommend a Deki loan to others?


The loan from Deki has made such a difference to my life that I recommend the opportunity all the time. I tell them that it’s a great loan because the interest is very low.


What inspires you to move forward now?


I want to be successful in business to provide more for my family. My dream is to one day have a safe, well-built brick home with electricity and a private toilet.

I also wish to keep expanding so that I can employ more workers and create new jobs in the local community.


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