Where We Work


Field Partners

We know that the best way to bring about permanent change is to work with local experts. That’s why we work with partner organisations in the field who share our passion for change. Field Partners are either charities or socially motivated organisations who use their local knowledge to administer ethical loans and secure high quality financial and business training for our entrepreneurs.

Our field partners do charge interest, in order to cover their running costs. This is vital to ensure their sustainability and is something Deki works very closely with field partners on to reduce costs for entrepreneurs whenever possible. The interest rates need to be high enough for the field partners to be sustainable (but not make a profit) and low enough for them to be affordable to the entrepreneurs. The rates are also always below the rate at which the local banks in that country will lend at. We haven’t listed the rates as they are subject to change but if you want to know more please get in touch deki at deki.org.uk (You can read more about microfinance and interest rates by clicking this link)

Business Training

Our entrepreneurs don’t just want a temporary solution. They want to feel confident in their own ability to sustain their business, and provide a better future for the next generation. Our partners show them how to achieve this by securing business training in:    
•    Separating money between business and household
•    Reinvesting profits in the business
•    Budgeting money
•    Saving for the future
•    Thinking proactively about new markets and opportunities for profit

Technical Assistance

At Deki, we are invested in the idea of helping entrepreneurs help themselves, and for us, part of this approach includes helping create strong ethical field partner organisations that can serve entrepreneurs for many years to come.  
With so many field partners working in different and complex environments, this means we invest a significant amount of time building and maintaining transparent, trusting relationships.

Through these relationships we are able to deliver support such as:

•    Financial audits
•    Financial planning and projections
•    Procedural analysis and development
•    Staff review and development
•    Product review and development
•    Growth projections and plans
•    Business plan development
•    Develop and secure alternative funding streams 

Our Ethical Principles

Deki has signed up for Smart Campaign client protection principles, which are set to deliver transparent financial services to all clients.

Deki and our field partners follow these principles:

  • Prevention of over-indebtedness
  • Transparency
  • Responsible pricing
  • Fair and respectful treatment of clients
  • Privacy of client data
  • Mechanisms for complaint resolution 

Read Deki SMART Campaign statement here.

As of 2012 we have worked using the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI). It’s a tool that enables us to tangibly measure poverty and its alleviation over time. Read more about PPI.