Where Deki Works


Field Partners

We know that the best way to bring about permanent change is to work with local experts. That’s why we work with partner organisations in the field who share our passion for change. Field Partners are either charities or socially motivated organisations who use their local knowledge to administer ethical loans and secure high quality financial and business training for our entrepreneurs.

Our field partners do charge interest, in order to cover their running costs. This is vital to ensure their sustainability and is something Deki works very closely with field partners to monitor. The interest rates need to be high enough for the field partners to be sustainable (but not make a profit) and low enough for them to be affordable to the entrepreneurs. We haven’t listed the rates as they are subject to change but if you want to know more please get in touch deki at deki.org.uk (You can read more about microfinance and interest rates by clicking this link)

With Deki you can make small, ethical, life-changing loans to those in remote and forgotten communities. 100% of your loan will go to your chosen entrepreneur. Lend now for as little as £10.