Become a Deki Field Partner

Are you a grass-roots organisation looking to develop your capacity, as a local organisation, to support the growth and development of marginalised communities?

By working with socially motivated Field Partners, Deki's partnerships provide ethical loan capital and non-financial services needed by marginalised entrepreneurs, enabling them to lift themselves above the poverty line.

The Deki model:

  • Deki partners with local grass-roots organisations that are socially motivated
  • Our Field Partners identify potential beneficiaries that are living in poverty and wish to receive a livelihood development loan to develop their income generating activity
  • Deki generates loan capital via our online crowdfunding platform and transfers ethical loans in local currency for Field Partners to distribute to beneficiaries 
  • Field Partners responsibly manage these loans, collect repayments from borrowers and send loan capital back to Deki
  • Throughout this process, Deki provides regular monitoring and evaluation, advice, and training resources

Field partner obligations:

  • Display a strong commitment to supporting impoverished local communities
  • Able to provide and manage a sustainable and viable business model that can continue to develop following the successful completion of the partnership
  • Be legally and operationally able to set up a lending programme e.g. having the resources to manage and distribute loan capital
  • Provide a wide variety of services and assistance throughout the loan cycle to meet the needs of beneficiaries, giving them the skills and resources required to build profitable livelihoods 
  • This includes non-financial support such as accompanying loans with relevant business training to help clients make the most out of their loan
  • Carry out regular data collection and monitoring activities to evaluate the ongoing impact of the partnership and provide regular updates to Deki 
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Through our partnerships, we aim to:

  • Give marginalised communities access to financial services as a means of poverty alleviation and economic development
  • Challenge underlying drivers of poverty and discrimination to improve gender equality and opportunities for people living with disabilities for generations to come 
  • To ensure quality social and business training is guaranteed with every loan provided
  • Improve the financial health of communities so that they can continue to develop e.g. better equipped to deal with financial shock, able to start and build savings and plan for the future
  • Help build a network to share best practice and continue to develop effective financial inclusion approaches.    
  • Help Field Partners develop their microfinance operations until they are financially self-sustainable

Case study - New Home for Community Rehabilitation

Based in Kasese, Western Uganda, New Home is committed to supporting some of the most marginalised in the community – for example the disabled, and young single mothers. This is clearly aligned with Deki's mission of promoting social good by empowering impoverished communities, and is a good example of the kind of social motivation that we look for in a Field Partner.

Since partnering with Deki, New Home has been able to increase the scale of its work – from working in five sub-counties in Kasese to eleven.

New Home provides the following three levels of training to groups of between 15 and 30 beneficiaries:

  • Selection planning and management of income generating activities – to give the resources and skills to develop their business
  • Financial literacy and value chain development – to improve understanding of financial products and concepts so they can manage their loan effectively
  • Maturity phase training – to ensure at the end of a loan cycle that they can continue to sustainably manage their business

New Home also uses the Gender Action Learning Systems (GALS) methodology to address gendered marginalisation of women in Kasese - particularly important because the area is the poorest performing region in Uganda in terms of levels of gender-based discrimination in social institutions.

Since working with clients and their communities with GALS, New Home has found that women have increased equality in decision-making within the household and access to property ownership, and that joint household incomes have increased.

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If you are a grass roots organisation and you would like to begin a partnership with Deki, please complete stage one of the application process:

Stage 1. Nature and size / Legality

Stage 1. Non-financial focus / Objectives