Donate Bitcoin

Donate to Deki with Bitcoin. 

Deki now accepts donations via Bitcoin and Ethereum - forms of digital currency known as cryptocurrency. Your donation will help Deki continue operating in developing countries and facilitating the delivery of our lenders' microloans.

Bitcoin wallet address.png


Our Bitcoin wallet address is - 37L7Y6FX1Jt4VPZTQPPJ2NbupDUiqnGkE5

Ethereum wallet address.png


Our Ethereum wallet address is - 0xF99b5CD0e240E562CDCf9bcb0D7b7E623d16eF3c

Why is Deki accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Deki is built on using technology to connect you with your entrepreneurs, and finding new ways of doing this is part of who we are. We want to be innovative and we believe that the use of cryptocurrencies could result in donations that we may not have received otherwise.

How much is one Bitcoin/Ethereum worth?

The value of one Bitcoin or Ethereum varies. Check the up-to-date exchange rate here:

Cryptocurrency can also be donated in small amounts. Bitcoins, for example, are divisible by 1,000,000 which allows people to donate any amount they want.

Is it legal?

Yes. There are no legal restrictions on merchants accepting cryptocurrency payments.

HMRC has released guidelines for organisations accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies here.

Is it secure?

Yes. We have chosen a "wallet" (online storage for cryptocurrencies) that offers two-factor authentication and AES encryption.

Every transaction is stored on a public ledger; leaving a paper trail. This is called the blockchain.