Change lives with Deki Friends

Join the Deki Friends lending team and donate monthly to help us stop poverty and start changing lives. 

Every month, 100% of your donation will be combined with other Deki Friends' donations and lent directly to our entrepreneurs in Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania, Togo, South Africa, Uganda and South Sudan to help them start sustainable businesses.

As the money is repaid it goes into the joint lending pot and is then re-lent every month without fail. It is a highly effective way to lend as we manage the loans on your behalf - taking the hassle out of re-lending and ensuring your money is managed in the most effective way.

As a Deki Friend, you will be donating, not directly lending, so if you are a UK tax payer we will be able to claim a further 25% Gift Aid on everything you give. This money will be used to enable Deki to continue delivering the loans.

Join the club

Choose a monthly donation below to set up a direct debit with Deki.

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How it works: 

  1. Automatic monthly donations.  Start changing lives by joining Deki Friends and donate on a monthly basis. If you would like to donate an amount different from those above, click here.

  2. Be part of the team. All donations are pooled into the Deki Friends lending pot and are continuously re-lent, as the pot gets bigger you will help more and more entrepreneurs on a monthly basis.

  3. That little extra. Gift Aid your donation and Deki will receive 25% extra on your donation.

  4. It's always good news. You'll receive a monthly newsletter with an update on our work, as well as a special Deki Friends email with stories about the entrepreneurs whoses lives you've changed every six months.

How does my money help?

  • Your donation helps Deki entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses.
  • Which in turn provides them with a steady source of income.
  • An expanding and profitable business will go on to employ people, further improving the lives of others in the community.
  • Resulting in a boosted local economy with an increased ability to access clean water and a plentiful food supply, as well as being able to send the entrepreneurs' children to school to get an education and secure their future.
  • It doesn't stop here - your donations are re-lent as soon as our entrepreneurs start their repayments.