Are you considering a charity partnership for your business?

Deki delivers microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries, enabling these entrepreneurs to start or develop a business and work themselves out of poverty.

Your business support will help Deki entrepreneurs:

  • Provide their family with more than one meal a day
  • Access clean water
  • Send their children to school and help secure their futures

How would a partnership work?

We believe that a successful corporate-charity partnership works well when it enhances your reputation, aligns with your business values and enables us to help lift more people out of poverty in the developing world.

In return for a monthly gift of your choice, you can expect to receive all or some of these items from Deki:

  • A Deki account where you can see all the entrepreneurs that your company has funded and know exactly where all of your money has gone
  • Monthly certificate of thanks
  • A quarterly thank you on Deki social media
  • A quarterly blog for your staff, with case studies, photos and Deki loan impact facts
  • Your logo on our corporate partners’ page
  • One social media campaign promoting your company to Deki lenders, once a year*
  • A member of the Deki team will visit the corporate sponsor’s team once a year to talk about Deki*
*for businesses that support Deki with a monthly gift of £300 or more

In return, we ask you to:

  • Give a regular monthly gift where 50% goes to lending and 50% to operational costs
  • Communicate monthly about Deki to their staff – content provided by Deki

We welcome any opportunity to discuss partnership ideas with you, contact us to arrange a meeting or telephone call at your convenience - Or call the Deki team on 0117 942 8970.

Our corporate partnerships allow us to continue transforming lives

According to our 2016/17 annual report:

  • Deki loans transformed 11,724 lives in just 12 months
  • £462,440 lent this year compared with £260,530 in the previous year
  • 70% of our loans go to women
  • 64% of our loans help those in farming and those selling food in markets

Click here to see case studies about some of the people Deki are helping.

By partnering with Deki you will join our existing partners.


Deki's corporate partnerships are key to our success.

Your business can help an entrepreneur create their own business. A monthly donation will help us to continue transforming lives and creating better futures.