Meet Bruno

Bruno Nyrenda lives with his wife and two children in Malawi. Prior to receiving his first loan in 2011, Bruno was selling a few vegetables from the side of the road in front of his house in Usisya, next to Lake Malawi. The business was not very profitable as Bruno did not have the capital to buy vegetables in bulk or buy a good variety. He worried that he couldn’t provide for his family and that like himself, his two children would not receive a full education as he was unable to pay their school fees.

Bruno’s first loan of £200 was used to build a grocery shop on a main road in Usisya where footfall was high and businesses were prosperous. The grocery shop was extremely popular, providing enough income to purchase a deep freezer to stock ice pops and expand the range of stock to include toiletries, shoes and drinks that have a larger profit margin than vegetables. 

His wife continued to run the grocery store whilst Bruno opened a barber shop next door. With both businesses excelling, Bruno said he was able “to give my children a brighter future by being able to finance their education.”

The success of his businesses provided the motivation for Bruno to get one step closer to achieving his dream of owning a restaurant.

With a second loan of £260 in 2013, Bruno wanted to invest and realise his dream of building and running his own restaurant. The loan enabled him to start building as well as purchase, in bulk, stock for his grocery shop - he knew that he couldn't start ignoring his other businesses which were also supporting him and his family.

Bruno has built the restaurant and temporarily uses it as a home whilst he waits for profits to increase to invest in furniture and stock. 

He recognises that it will take time to achieve his dream of opening a restaurant: “When running a business you have to be patient. You need to know that you will meet some challenges and even know how to manage those challenges. You should not rush as it can cost you your business but reinvest the profit so you can achieve want you want to achieve.”

Bruno was able to use the profits from his other businesses to buy a boat engine which he uses for fishing and rents out to provide a taxi service. Bruno employed a member of staff to run this business whilst he focused on increasing profits of his shops to provide enough money to achieve his dream of running his restaurant. 

Bruno thinks that Deki’s loan has helped him make the most out of his opportunities: “I have been empowered to be self-reliant and am taking responsibility to support my family. For this I am very thankful to Deki.” 

His wish for the future is for “Deki to continue to stay here and help women because there are many women in Usisya who are looking after so many families.”

Bruno talks about how Deki have helped him to be self-reliant and take responsibility for his family.
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