Ensuring quality provision and protecting lender funds – the Deki tiered approach

Deki is introducing a new tiered approach for Field Partners in 2019. This new enhanced performance management process will help us ensure quality support for all loans and protect lender funds. It will also improve risk management and will assess what support Partners need.

To help us create this new Field Partners Management process, Deki is taking part in the Association of Project Management’s (APM) Project Challenge Competition with Turner and Townsend (T&T). T&T  are a world-leading professional services company, who are passionate about transforming projects and deliver better outcomes to their clients. And they are also keen to provide their expertise for charities, as well as provide challenging opportunities for their employees.

T&T have entered the South Wales and West of England of the Project Challenge Competitions. The aim is to get teams of people at the beginning of their project management careers to deliver a project in collaboration with a charity, over a 6 month period.  The team members from T&T get to cement their project management skills and Deki gains new skills in project management and a new Field Partner Management process. We are very excited about this opportunity to get expert support for free to help us get the new process off the ground.

Field Partner visit in Ghana

Field Partner visit in Ghana

The aim of the new management process is to create a streamlined application, monitoring and assurance process for our Field Partners, from the application stage to operating successfully for three years. Field Partner’s performance will be assessed against the performance criteria set out in our partnership agreements.

Where performance has been good, they will progress onto the next level, or tier. Each new tier brings access to higher individual loan amounts and more loan capital, but only where they have continually met the seven key performance measures.

The thresholds within each of these agreements will change according to which tier the Field Partner is in. For example, in Tier 1, 90% of all clients identified by a Field Partner should be living under the $1.90 a day poverty line before they start their first Deki loan. In Tier 3 this ratio may go down to 75%, as we would expect the poverty levels to reduce over time for successful repeat entrepreneurs.

Thank you to the APM, Turner & Townsend and the project team for providing us with their expertise for free. We are looking forward to getting this new process automated, making Deki more resilient and efficient.

Here’s to a great 2019!