How we work with our field partners

Deki has two main objectives in working with in-country implementing partners:

  1. To identify the most marginalised communities that Deki can support. We know that our field partners are the local experts and that they are best placed to identify these communities. By working together, we can plan and deliver effective support and training which is offered alongside each Deki loan to each Entrepreneur.

  2. To move towards the independence of our field partners. Deki works with a tiered approach to partnership development and growth to help build the capacity and self-sufficiency of field partners. The end goal isn’t to support field partners indefinitely. Instead we aim to help them grow and learn until they can be successful without our input.

The progress of these two objectives are monitored on a monthly and quarterly basis. First, monthly partnership audits are carried out by Deki and our field partners on a sample of active entrepreneurs. Secondly, quarterly partnership reports and meetings are reviewed and carried out to monitor and evaluate the progress and challenges in the following areas:

  • The number and types of training provided to entrepreneurs

  • The number and types of training provided for the staff of field partners

  • Outcomes for entrepreneur, using key indicators: (1) increase in business income; (2) increase in savings; (3) increase in empowerment; (4) change in poverty level using PPI data 

  • Partnership SWOT analysis and risk register

  • Partnership Safeguarding and Whistleblowing register

  • Project specific funding proposals which integrate the most marginalised communities into a Deki partnership.