From One Mother to Another

From One Mother to Another

This Mother’s Day we think it’s only right to celebrate and acknowledge the efforts of mums and women all around the world who work hard to support their families. So we thought we’d take the chance to share this inspiring mother and Daughter story with you. 

In developing countries many women do not have access to the necessary resources they need and gender discrimination makes it even harder, and almost impossible to access financial services. With Deki everyone has the chance to make a difference to those trying to work their way out of poverty.

Our story of a hardworking mother Nasamba Himelda, and her daughter Harriet Nakibuuka is a great example of how a Deki loan and business training helps women and mother’s achieve great things for their family. In January our International Programs Director, Diane, travelled to Namboole and was lucky enough to meet this inspiring mother and her daughter duo. The township where they live, outside of the Ugandan capital Kampala, is a community made up of many South Sudanese refugees who fled from the civil wars that ravaged their home for half a century.

Nasamba applied for a Deki loan to buy the necessary materials to expand her clay pot business. Her motivation, as with many of our loan recipients, was to increase the income generated from her business so that she would be more able to support and care for her family. However, Nasamba saw further potential in the Deki loan for her daughter. Harriett has worked hard and been really studious, inspired by her mother to want a better life for her children she became qualified in accounting. She gets her work ethic from her mother who’s hard work and determination to pay for her schooling and university meant that she was given an opportunity for a better future. Deki’s influence means Harriet has a passion for microfinance and community empowerment. Knowing how capable and passionate her daughter is, it got Nasamba thinking. After hearing in the township that our field partner Hope Ofiriha was looking for an accountant, Nasamba took the opportunity to put her daughter forward for the role. Now Harriett is employed as an accountant for one of our field partners, and determined to make our loans accessible to people suffering from poverty. As well as taking inspiration from her mother to build a great life with better opportunity for her two children.

In developing nations working mums are not only the norm but women don’t have a choice. Childcare isn’t commonly available or affordable, making the life of mothers in the countries we work in much more difficult.

Our Field Partner Hope Ofiriha was created by 12 widows in 1996. The inspirational women behind it simply wanted to support female refugees from South Sudan.

These are just incredible examples of how microfinance can really transform the lives of women all around the world, and how you as a lender can help impact their livelihoods. Empower a woman today with Deki.