Training for our entrepreneurs

A common barrier identified to financial inclusion and effective microfinance is low levels of financial literacy, leading to a lack of trust of financial institutions and of understanding how to build a sustainable business from a loan. Tailored training helps to overcome this educational gap to financial inclusion.

A fundamental part of the Deki partnership model is to ensure our implementing partners provide training which meets the needs of each entrepreneur as they progress through each loan, although this approach is unique to each field partner.

IADES Entrepreneur training programme

  • As part of the savings group which IADES runs, there is training to outlining the role and responsibility of each member

  • Explanation of the loan agreement according to SMART campaign guidelines

  • How to effectively manage loan repayments to avoid arrears

  • Building relationships with customers

  • How to avoid over-indebtedness and loan dependence

New Home’s entrepreneur training programme

  • Sessions for savings groups on the Village Savings and Loans Association (VS&LA) methodology

  • Pre-loan training in selecting, planning and managing business activities

  • Financial literacy and record keeping, covering goal setting and debt management

  • Value chain development

  • Gender Action Learning System (GALS) methodology for individual households