Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

Women play a critical role in achieving a world full of opportunity, not poverty, but they face persistent obstacles and high levels of financial exclusion, limiting their ability to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty. This is why 79% of Deki entrepreneurs in 2018 were female.

Women and girls are some of the development community’s most valuable allies

In November 2018, Deki also began working closely with our Entrepreneurs and Field Partners to develop a Women’s Empowerment Index; one part of Deki’s efforts to better understand and communicate our impact on the female entrepreneurs we support. By involving the local community, we can ensure our Women’s Empowerment Index is context-specific and applicable to the communities in which we work.

When women are empowered, they use that power to lift others up.

The Index will enable Deki and our Field Partners to develop a better understanding of the connections between women’s empowerment, financial inclusion, and poverty reduction. The Index measures women’s engagement in the microfinance sector in five key areas:

  1. Financial inclusion

  2. Influence in the household and community

  3. Freedom from violence

  4. Allocation of time

  5. Self-perception

As a monitoring and evaluation tool, our Women’s Empowerment Index will enable Deki and our Field Partners to confidently and comprehensively assess how well we are meeting the needs of our entrepreneurs, helping us to strategically design and implement programs for empowering women in the developing world.