Lending pause in December – a time to focus on providing support

We’re pausing lending for December so you won’t be able to make a loan. Frustrating we know, but there is a good reason for this.

At Deki we are all about quality rather than quantity and we want our field partners to ensure they are providing the best support they can as they deliver your loans.

Sometimes Field Partners need more time to collect outstanding repayments, as well as deliver high quality support and training with each loan, rather than funding new loans. This mostly happens at the end of the summer (before harvest) and at Christmas time, when they find collecting repayments especially tricky.

To remove the pressure for them, we’re pausing lending in December. We’re also recruiting new Field Partners, so this will have less of an impact on lending in coming years.

Rest assured lending will be back on 2nd January 2019 – In the meanwhile, you can read more about how we work with our Field Partners here.

Watch out for our upcoming blog series about the inner workings of Deki and working with Field Partners.