A 'How To' Guide from Entrepreneur Knight Akot

A 'How To' Guide from Entrepreneur Knight Akot

A millet and cassava flour beer mix: a How To Guide by entrepreneur Knight Akot.

Just in case you felt like trying this cassava beer mix out for yourself!

Knight Akot from Uganda was struggling. She has a family to feed and she wants to ensure her children can attend school. Knight realised that if she capitalised on the popularity of the bar she had opened and invested in more millet flour, she could make more beer and increase her profits. Knight asked for a loan of 800,000 Ugandan shillings to invest in five bags of millet flour to make her special beer.

Knight kindly showed our International Development Director, Diane, how she makes this alcoholic drink:

1) Firstly you need millet seed and millet flour and dried cassava flour. Mix them all together.

2) Take this flour mixture and mix it with more millet seed and gently stir in warm water. This should mix together nicely, like a cake batter.

3) Ground up millet flour; much like yeast, millet flour allows the batter mixture to start the fermentation process. Knight pours the mixture into old oil drums and allows the mixture to ferment in the Ugandan sun for up to 20 days.

4) Once fully fermented the thick mixture is poured out and left to roast in the sun. The roasted mixture is then re-ground up into powder.

5) The powder is distributed into clay pots, water is added and the pots are placed on the floor of the bar ready for thirsty punters.

6) Men gather around the pot to share a drink using their own drinking straw or ‘epi’ made from a creeper which grows in the trees and bushes in the area.