The Deki Interns have their say, Interview Two- Dan

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Our second interview is with Dan, Deki's Marketing and International Development Intern. After moving to England from Spain a few years ago, Dan set his heart on Marketing and has been diligent in his work with us for over 10 months. Dan's mainly responsible for writing for the Deki website, working on Mambu (our microfinance platform) and working with the marketing team. This is what he had to say about his internship experience so far:

1) Why did you choose Deki? 

I had worked in marketing for different companies. In Bristol, I worked for an educational charity and I wanted to apply my experience doing something good. Then, I saw a job offer at Deki and applied. I didn't succeed but had the chance of being volunteer.....and I grabbed it. 

2) What skills did you learn?  

It was a good update of many areas of digital marketing as well as international development. And Mambu: a headache, a nightmare, a pain to use....but something new to learn. 

3) What did you find most valuable?  

The office ambient. At the same time that your work counts, you work in a relaxed friendly environment.... Priceless!!! 

4) What was your most memorable moment?  

It's unfair to pick up just one. But I would highlight the successful of the 'Annual Appeal'. 

5) Where to next?  

Who knows? But I hope it'll be something similar. 

6) Would you recommend Deki to a friend? 

Not since Melanie our CEO put away the custard donuts and biscuits, and swapped them for fruit! Of course, I would. Because of the environment, because of the kind of work, because of the chance of working in many different areas.