The Deki Interns have their say, Interview Three- Jess

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Our final interview is with Jess, Deki's Marketing and Communications Intern. After returning from her post-degree adventures in Australia she set her heart on a career on marketing and has been with us for almost 5 months. Jess's mainly responsible for assisting the Marketing Manager and Director, digital marketing and writing for the Deki website. This is what she had to say about her internship experience so far:

1) Why did you choose Deki? 

I chose Deki because I could tell from my interview that I wouldn’t be fetching for coffee and that my colleagues were actually interested in what I had to say and excited to hear my ideas.   

2) What skills did you learn?  

The marketing team showed me how to use Hootsuite, MailChimp and Square Space but they also definitely helped me improve my skills in marketing in general. Bryony, our Marketing Director’s love of everything “punchy” definitely forced me to step my game up but everyone has been really supportive!   

3) What did you find most valuable?  

The team’s support has been the most valuable thing to me, everyone helps each other out and all get on really well. Whether it’s Kathie’s daily routine of offering everyone Green and Blacks chocolate, Dan’s go to reply of ‘tequila’ when someone offers to get something from the shop or Rowan kindly reminding me for perhaps the thousandth time where we keep the sellotape. Everyone is really generous with their time and it’s a really good environment to work in.  

4) What was your most memorable moment?  

It’s not really a moment but it makes me laugh every time Mel buys olive sticks from the bakery down the road. If my future husband loves me nearly as much as Mel loves olive sticks I’ll be one lucky lady.  

5) Where to next?  

It’s hard to say really! I’m waiting to hear back from (hopefully) my next big opportunity and then a move to the capital is on the horizon. Deki has definitely opened doors for me.  

6) Would you recommend Deki to a friend? 

Definitely! In this day and age, workplace experience is a necessity for even the most junior role, Deki have been so flexible in allowing me to fit in work around interning and have been really supportive of my progression.