A New Home for Deki loans

Here at Deki we are excited to welcome our latest field partner, New Home for Community Rehabilitation (New Home). Since Deki was founded in 2008, we have been committed to ensuring that the most marginalised people in the developing world are given the opportunity to work their way out of poverty. That is why we have partnered with New Home, bringing Deki loans to the people of Kasese, Western Uganda.

New Home, a small not for profit co-operative microcredit organisation, supports the most impoverished people in Kasese, a small mining town in Western Uganda. The town grew up around the local copper mining industry but the copper has now been severely depleted. As a result, the people of Kasese suffer from high levels of deprivation which disproportionally affects the most vulnerable people.

New Home focuses its work on widows; the disabled; young single mothers; young people who have little or no education and orphans. Deki are very proud to be working with such a dedicated mission-driven organisation who are completely committed to supporting those who, without our help, would have the least opportunity to do so.

As members of the local community, New Home realised that business loans and training could help this very disadvantaged group of people in Kasese to build better lives for themselves and their families. They were able to start making loans to entrepreneurs through the creation of a very small loan fund, built up with donations from board members and local supporters. These loans helped people to build businesses and livelihoods in areas such as trading, agriculture, animal husbandry and fish farming, plus skilled trades for young men such as brick-laying.

The leaders of New Home quickly realised what a great impact even the smallest of loans could have.  However, a lack of resources meant that they could only make a small number of loans, averaging around £14 each. It was just not enough to meet the demand or the potential that their borrowers had to create flourishing micro-businesses.

This is where Deki was delighted to be able to help. New Home had never had the opportunity to work with a micro-finance organisation before as the only loans available were provided by the commercial sector, who were not interested in working with clients with very small loans. As a result of our partnership, New Home and Deki will be able to offer many more small loans to people in need.

This will mean that entrepreneurs who have proved that they can manage a very small loan, such as Harriet Muhindo, can expand her plantain trading business and keep her children in school. It will also give Mary Biira a chance to diversify her produce stall and eventually build a home of their own for her family.

Adam Dickens, Deki’s photographer, will be visiting New Home in mid-June and we will look forward to him bringing back news of the impact that Deki loans are starting to have in the small community of Kasese.

Start lending to the entrepreneurs of Kasese.