Local animator brings Tenner Tournament to the big screen!

We have an amazing new animation about the Deki Tenner Tournament that we're excited to show you! Created by Luke Maitland at Animated Magic, featuring the voice of Johnny Dawkes, it shows how, through Deki, your business can take part in business training with a difference. If you're tired of the typical staff team-building days, the Tenner Tournament is your solution. Deki’s Tenner Tournament training not only impacts your business, but also makes a real difference in some of the world’s poorest countries.

We asked Luke a few questions to find out about his passion for animation and why he was keen to make this film for Deki. He even told us what business he'd set up to win the Tenner Tournament!

What was it about Deki that inspired you to make this amazing short film?
In 2015 I was at a presentation given by the Founder Vashti Seth explaining what Deki did and why it was set up. What impressed me about the concept of micro loans is how a relatively small amount, as little as £10, can make such huge difference. Deki provide a way of giving that is highly effective, the money going directly to the people who can make best use of it, which also promotes independence and entrepreneurship.      

How long did it take to make?
The film was made along side other projects, so it wasn’t a solid block of time. I would guess it took around 140 hours from start to finish. 

Which is your favourite bit?
My favourite bit is when the Boss eats the biscuit at the start. I’ve got an older sister who had a thing for Jaffa Cakes when we were growing up, this reminds me of her. 

How did you get into animation?
Originally I did Fine Art at university then trained as a teacher. My best lessons were when I used digital media to tell stories and educate through them. Quite a few people on my course were trained in animation and this sparked an interest. I’ve spent the past 10 years training myself how to animate. 

If someone asked you about the Tenner Tournament, how would you describe it?
The Tenner Tournament allows companies to explore their entrepreneurial skills in a collaborative environment. Individuals discover skills and abilities they might never have imagined, whilst exploring the possibilities of setting up businesses with small amounts of capital. Deki provides an excellent training day to help get the teams on track, before they are unleashed on the real world. 

As someone who runs their own business, what have you learnt that you’d like to pass on to our Deki entrepreneurs?
Balancing inspiration with reality is a really important. Having a big idea is great but it has to be doable within the time restrictions, budget and skills available. A well-executed simple idea beats a badly executed complex one every time.  

If you were challenged to set up a business with £10 what would you do and how would you do it?
I would set up an Art Challenge! Where I would run a one-day workshop for teams from local businesses. The aim of the workshop would be to create an artwork out of a variety of materials, which I provided, on a chosen theme. At the end of the day all the teams who took part would be invited to look at the work produced then vote on there favourite piece, a small prize would be given to the best artwork.

If you haven't see Luke's amazing Tenner Tournament film yet make sure you watch it here!