More choice of entrepreneurs on the way

If you’ve visited Deki recently, you may have noticed that the extensive pool of entrepreneurs that you are able to lend to has been a lot smaller than what you’ve been used to – you may have found yourself limited in choice of genders or choice of country.

The problem has been compounded with Temwa drastically reducing the number of loans in Malawi, however, it also sometimes happens for more simple reasons, such as unavoidable growing seasons. Deki has two field partners in Ghana - Bessfa and St Joseph’s and they both support about 85% farmers.

At certain times of the year they will need their loan capital in order to purchase vital items such as seeds and irrigation equipment ready for the growing season. It is incredibly important that together we support these people at such times so we can aim to protect them against adverse conditions such as the ones that our entrepreneurs in Malawi are currently struggling against.

As we are growing, a huge priority for Deki is also to bring new field partners on board in order to increase the number and choice of entrepreneurs available. Our Operations Director Kathie Burton is currently working hard on this, but it takes time to select suitable high quality, sustainable partners and carry out the required due diligence.

We hope in the next few months to be able to announce new countries we will be offering Deki loans in. In the meantime please bear with us as we grow and remember that every entrepreneur on our site is be hugely grateful for your support no matter which country they are from or trade they may have.