Woman of the Year 2016

The leading business women of Bristol and Bath have been honoured in this year's Women in Business Awards at a ceremony held at Bristol City Center Marriott. 

Our Founder, Vashti Seth, was named Woman of the Year for her work providing funds and business training to people in developing countries so they can start businesses and contribute to economic growth. The charity is currently crowd funding to change lives across Africa using the microloan model under a campaign called #OneThousandLives.

“It was a such an honour to win the award and a great surprise too," Vashti commented. "There were so many amazing women at the event and it was a real privilege to be among them.
"As a woman in the UK we are extremely lucky to have such great opportunities. This award has come off the back of my work in Africa where we create opportunities for women to work their way out of poverty and never have to rely on charity again. Women all over the world need to be celebrated for their hard work and determination to overcome gender inequality. I’m proud to be part of this movement both here and in the developing world.”

You can read about Vashti's win the The Bristol Post, South West Business News and Bristol 24/7 Magazine

Deki Bristol Business Woman of the Year