2016: A Year In Review

It has certainly been a year of change and breaking records for Deki. As you know this year we lent our millionth pound and we are on track to double the amount of lending we did last financial year. This of course is all down to you. Thank you.

Now we have more lenders like you on board, we are working with new field partners to ensure that we get your loans to those who need it most. This year our founder Vashti and our Director for Communications Bryony visited our field partners and entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Whilst they were there they also visited an organisation called IADES, a not for profit organisation that works to improve the lives of the poor, especially women. We now work with IADES in Togo to offer microloans, business training and accountancy to farmers, traders and those engaged in animal husbandry. IADES also provides health education on preventing AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Our focus is on making sure that your money is making a difference. The Fellowship scheme, which was launched this year helps us evaluate impact. It allows us to strengthen our working relationships with field partners, we meet entrepreneurs and talk to them about the businesses that they have set up.

In 2017 we hope to work with new field partners so that we can help more people. We will fundraise to develop our international development work, so we can make this happen. This vital work will provide more support for Deki entrepreneurs, and will make your support available to more people. Together we can help more people work their way out of poverty. 

This year we recruited a Fundraising Manager, a new Digital Marketing Manager and a new CEO. Almost a complete change of team. Vashti is now our Trustee and ambassador. Together with corporate partners and supporters we had our Autumn Appeal,  #TradeitLikeBruno. This was such a great appeal where we traded a small Deki badge and ended up with a £8,000 Mr Jago piece of art. We are hoping for one final swap in the new year, so watch out for breaking news.

And finally, as the most wonderful parting gift to Vashti our founder, Charles from BESSFA (our field partner in upper east Ghana) has named his daughter Vashti and in his words…

I have named my baby girl after you for the wonderful work you have done to the world and may your name be remembered for ever. I also pray my daughter will grow to support the world and change peoples lifes as you are doing.


What greater honour is there than this. It just shows how important Deki loans are.

With Deki, you can provide life-changing amounts of money to those struggling with poverty. 100% of your loan goes to our entrepreneurs. Lend now, or become a Deki Friend.