Remember A Charity In Your Will Week

Remember a Charity In Your Will Week Starts Today

Our Fundraising Director, Dawn, shares her thoughts on awkward dinner party conversations 

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Do you know the saying that you should always avoid talking about money and politics at a dinner party?  Well, imagine how difficult it can be to talk to people about money and DEATH!  Stay with me, it may be slightly uncomfortable, but I hope to demonstrate how talking about money and death right now can lead you to be able to change lives for the better with a loan, long after your own life is over.

Deki is proud to celebrate Charity in Your Will Week.  In an era when the efficacy and ethics of many fundraising practices have come under increased public scrutiny, this week is an excellent opportunity for us to remind our lenders and donors that there are alternative ways in which they can support our work here at Deki. 

We are all acutely aware of the increased cost of living and no charity would want someone to put themselves at financial risk to make a donation.  The idea behind making a gift to charity in your will is that, after you’ve looked after your friends and family, you are able to make an impact on the lives of others in a way that may not have been financially possible during your lifetime.  Legacies are exactly that – an amazing gift, small or large – that has a lasting positive effect on others through the work of charities, just like Deki. 

Mike and Deb Bright chose to include Deki in their Will and were happy to share their thoughts with us:

My wife and I wanted our wills to reflect the more charitable nature of our personalities, and so rather than bequeathing our estate to our family and friends (who already have money), we decided to leave the vast bulk of our estate to more charitable causes. We chose Deki as one of our beneficiaries purely because we’d been micro-loaning via various initiatives for a good few years.
Deki was British, had a straightforward website, and as we discovered during the will writing process, was very good at accommodating the specific details of our bequeathment request. Out of all the micro-loan initiatives we approached, Deki were the most responsive – a good sign that our estate will be left in responsible hands.

Whilst it may not making the most engaging dinner party conversation, I am still really happy to talk about planned giving!  To learn more about leaving a gift to Deki in your Will, please contact me at or  visit:

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