School Kids Raise Nearly £900 for Deki Before Christmas

School Kids Raise Nearly £900 for Deki Before Christmas 

In the weeks leading up to Christmas the children in Bradley Stoke Community School were busy with much more than their studies. They gathered up in 6 teams to fundraise for Deki entrepreneurs for their microloans.

It all started on December 6 with a ‘collapsed timetable’ day when Citizenship Co-ordinator Claire Wilson organised an assembly on world poverty and microfinance. Deki founder and CEO Vashti Seth went along to speak to the kids how Deki works. Then each group got an entrepreneur from Togo in Africa and got creative with fundraising ideas.

There were ‘sponsored silences’, funny-shoes-days at school, cake baking and car washing in the freezing cold – and together the six teams raised nearly £900 in less than two weeks. This funded 6 entrepreneurs whose lives will be transformed with start-up loans, which they have received this week.

“Having them raise money for a specific person whose story they knew made the kids feel really connected and kept the motivation high all the way through. It was a fantastic experience for the school and the kids,” said Claire Wilson who was very pleased with the outcome.

The school now has a Deki account and the money that comes back in repayments in the next year can be used for more loans in the future.

Deki thanks Claire and all the Bradley Stoke Community School kids for their wonderful efforts.