Microcredit Pioneer Speaks up for 'Social Agenda'

Dr Muhammad Yunus

Dr Muhammad Yunus

Dr Muhammad Yunus, the pioneering founder of microfinance institution Grameen Bank, used his key note speech at this year’s G20 Young Entrepreneurs Summit to extol the virtues of entrepreneurial spirit.

In the speech, which also discussed his own experiences as an entrepreneur, he expressed the need to include poorer countries in global decision making processes and the importance of social agenda in business. Dr Yunus said:

“In my opinion, G20 YES is a fabulous initiative, gathering so much energy and momentum from all over the world. Because of their creativity and leadership, provided that they commit to share the value they create, these 400 young entrepreneurs in this room can change the world.”

Here at Deki, we are encouraged and inspired by the sentiments expressed by Dr Yunus. Entrepreneurship is at the very core of what we do. Every Deki borrower is an entrepreneur equipped with creativity, leadership and the will to put these qualities to good use. We believe that everybody must have the opportunity to earn a living to support themselves and their family.

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