Deki Now Offers Loans to Entrepreneurs in Malawi

Deki Now Offers Loans to Entrepreneurs in Malawi

Deki has recently partnered with Temwa and now offers loans to entrepreneurs in Malawi in addition to the existing ones in Togo, Ghana and Nepal. With an average income of around $1.25 a day, a small amount of money goes a long way in Malawi.

The remote area of Usisya where our field partner Temwa operates has no electricity, no running water and is severely affected by the AIDS epidemic. Public services and other relief efforts are very limited.

Due to successful funding for a loans administrator this pilot scheme will make the microloans offered in Malawi interest free as well as commission free.

Microloans will help those who have built their skills with Temwa to take them to the next level.  As well as helping them generate a sustainable income for their families, we hope this will have a knock-on effect building a thriving economy in the region.

Temwa is a UK-based organisation that creates partnerships and programmes to equip the local population with the skills and resources to ensure ongoing health, education, and financial stability for families and the wider community.