Women Make it Happen by Multitasking

Women Make it Happen by Multitasking 

It’s one of the best known gender stereotypes: women can multitask. Whether it’s hoovering with one hand and watering the plants with the other, blogging on the bus or juggling childcare and work, women around the world are fantastic at it.

About two thirds of our entrepreneurs are women and they all work incredibly hard to support themselves and their families, often in very tough conditions. Women own only 1% of property around the world yet they are the driving force behind many families. A Deki loan gives female entrepreneurs a chance to take control in a world of marginalised women.

Most importantly though, microfinance challenges the concept still prevalent in many countries that a woman’s place is at home with the children where she is dependent on her husband’s income. The majority of our entrepreneurs were unable to finish their education and struggle to find a job that makes the most of their hard work and entrepreneurial ingenuity. Studies have shown that microfinance empowers women in completely new ways, challenging the traditional societal roles and demonstrating that women are brilliant entrepreneurs as well as caring wives and mothers. Women can multitask.

Evelyn’s Story

Most of our entrepreneurs are self-employed and they often run small-scale businesses out of their own homes or in the street. In their situation a small loan and some business training have the power to completely transform their lives.

Evelyn Ezaruku is a Deki entrepreneur in South Sudan. After the conflict, her husband struggled to find work and Evelyn was left caring for her late brother’s orphaned children. She ended up having to support two children, her own baby, her ageing parents and her husband. Looking for new ways to earn income Evelyn turned an empty room in the house into a poultry farm. With just 50 chicks, Evelyn started her business and because she was running it from home she could multitask work and caring for her children.

She had a great idea but she needed more support. Deki and Hope Ofiriha (our partner in South Sudan) helped her with a loan of £250 to expand her business – to buy more chicks, vaccines and equipment to start a piggery. She will be able to send the children to school and make tangible long-term improvements to the life of her family. Evelyn has vision and determination but she also has the willpower to accomplish all this while being a full time mother.

Evelyn is carrying her family forward, out of poverty and proving that women can make a real difference, not only to their lives but to the lives of those around them.

Evelyn isn’t a celebrity or an activist. She’s not the poster girl for International Women’s Day but she proves that there are women all around the world quietly fighting against the gender stereotypes, reclaiming their independence, women who deserve to be celebrated.

Make this the Best International Women’s Day

One of the best things about Deki is that we can connect women around the world in this powerful movement. Make this the best International Women’s Day by funding a woman in Malawi, Togo or South Sudan. Their multitasking will help raise them and their family out of poverty.

So find your friends, sisters, mothers and daughters and tell them what you love about them. It might be their warmth, their sense of humour, their determination or their ability to multitask. And what better way to celebrate the women you love than to buy them a Deki Gift Voucher!